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WebLITE Support August 9, 2012 Announcements

It's amazing how time flies. While we have been busy working on some really intensive projects, our developers have been hard at work enhancing the core WebLITE platform to support newest Internet technology implementations. Today, we are officially releasing WebLITE 4.5. Some of the key highlights are listed below:


Authentication audit logs
Disable user after x3 failed login attempts
Supports SSL modeEnforced password strength


Advance AND/OR queries on Interest Groups
Cross campaign drilled-down targeting
Unsubscribe source definitions and reporting
Subject field personalisation


Custom URL re-write definitions
New field to control display order
Content scheduling


Automated Hard Bounce removal from Email Campaigns
Direct integration to ISP feedback loops

Note: Customers with active Annual License Fee (ALF) subscriptions will automatically be upgraded to the latest version in the coming weeks.

WebLITE Support 

WebLITE Support August 9, 2012 Announcements

Customers which have been upgraded to the latest WebLITE version 4.5 might notice that their Active subscriber numbers are reduced. Do not be alarmed as the software is now built-in with automated hard bounce removals. All subscriber email addresses which are invalid will automatically be processed to the Inactive folder after x3 hard bounces. This move will improve the IP reputations for our customers to provide better deliverability of email campaigns.

You will still be able to access the details for these subscriber under the Inactive category. Unsubscribe reasons can be found on the information icon for each particular subscriber entry, which may include the following:

- Hardbounce: System deactivation due to x3 hard bounces from any previous email campaign
- WebLITE User: Manually removal of Active subscribers by a WebLITE User
- Newsletter: When a subscriber clicks on Unsubscribe from all future campaigns within the newsletter
- Yahoo! FBL: System will make a member Inactive when they report the newsletter as spam from Yahoo!
- Hotmail JMR : System will make a member Inactive when they report the newsletter as spam from Hotmail

Customers running on Enterprise version will have a graphical reporting interface which tabulates Unsubscribe Source from the Segmentation Reports.


WebLITE Support

WebLITE Support March 15, 2011 Announcements

We have successfully upgraded our email application to the latest version. This latest version comes with a new webmail client designed for a more pleasant experience and adapt to touch screen clients such as iPhone and iPad.

Whilst these new features are available, we will only be upgrading webmail skins based on customer request. Kindly submit a ticket should you wish to have access to the new webmail interface for your domain.

WebLITE Support